Of notebooks and rocks

I have a notebook. So what, you’ll say, and you’ll be right. I have one too, you’ll say and your asshole friend (you don’t like him, but hell, you’ve been friends for forever, no sense in dissolving that particular friendship) will probably tell us both he has one too and it’s way better than our notebook.

You really shouldn’t hang out with him. Continue reading


Sic Transit

“You know, I was God once.”

The bartender paused for a beat in wiping a beer glass. This served no special purpose other than having something to do with his hands ever since the smoking ban made it impossible to light a quick one.

“Nations bowed before Me, you know. Way back. I couldn’t move for sacrifices and they did a decent number of statues of Me. Some were quite flattering if you don’t mind Me saying so.” Continue reading